Industrial Development

1 Objectives of the project are as follows: 

2 Candidate types of Targeted Industry and related industry has been identified as follows :

3 It is proposed to set Industrial area for the year 2020-2025 : Industry in Free Zone approximately 2,300 rai, General Industrial Zone approximately 1,500 rai and other area related to Industry approximately 800 rai.

4  In order to create sustainable with attractive environment in the area while maintaining function integration, the entire estate should be surrounded by green belt as buffer approximately 2,000 rai.

5 Based on the Industrial composition the employment at full development as below.

– Industry in Free Zone Area ;      estimated  approx. 15,000 workers.

– General Industrial Zone Area ;   estimated  approx. 16,000 workers.

New Community Development

The land use plan of New Community was formulated in accordance with the following principle

The residential area in the New Community should accommodate the estimated housing requirements.

The New Community for the year 2021, the projected population for the New Community is about 25,000 units including human hygienic, friendly, amenities and hospitality facilities ; clubhouse, school, sport facilities, nursery, etc.

Commercial Center will be expected to serve new community and with easy reach by the surrounding resident areas.

Transport system and road network shall integrate all forms of transport, pedestrians and vehicles shall separated as much as possible. Well-defined pedestrian's networks should be achieved throughout the community, linking residential quarters with the other facilities.

The buffer zone shall be placed along primary road, main road, service road and boundaries of industrial zones.

Providing sufficient parks and open spaces and other supporting facilities.